Full Contact Bible Trivia

A game for a dozen or so active kids and one courageous adult
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What you need

Setting the game up

  1. Mark out a grid in big squares, 4 squares wide and 6 squares long. Each square should be at least 3ft by 3ft (1m x 1m), big enough for an occupied chair. One of the 4-wide ends of the grid is the start, the other the finish.

  2. Evenly divide the kids into 4 teams.

  3. Each team can steal one player from another team. A player stolen once can't be stolen again.

  4. The referee invokes "swapping privileges" to ensure every team has 2 strong kids and one who can answer Bible trivia questions, and at least 3 kids total.

  5. Each team places a chair with one player inside a square at the start of the grid. The chair-sitter is allowed to answer Bible questions and help plan, but can't leave the chair.


The team that maneuvers its chair to the finish first wins. This may take five or more steps to complete.

Playing a turn

  1. The referee asks a Bible trivia question. The first team to answer makes a move. They have 5 seconds for strategy planning.

  2. The team rushes onto the grid and moves one chair one square in any direction, occupant and all. Diagonal moves are OK. They can move either their own chair or one belonging to another team. They get 10 seconds, and an incomplete move is no move.

  3. If another chair occupies the square you want to occupy, you may first move that chair one square over in any direction.  You can potentially move all 4 chairs in a chain reaction. If you run out of time you lose the move.

  4. The referee can give an interference penalty if someone gets caught interfering. The penalty is either an extra 10 seconds or a free move for the affected team.

  5. The referee can call unnecessary roughness as many times as necessary. The naughty team's chair sitter must move the chair back without displacing anyone else's chair.

  6. The referee can call pushup penalties whenever she feels like it. The offenders have to do pushups.

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