The Lying Game

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This is a character building game. It helps you teach yourself character.
And what good is that? People will trust and respect you. As a rule, the people without a lot of trust or respect work for the people with character. Respectful, trustworthy employees are hard to come by these days. They get promoted quickly and liars get fired.

This is the way the lying game works: Write down the date every time you lie, deceive, cheat, steal, hit, disobey, or disrespect authority. Keep the list of dates in a secret place so only you know it is there or what it is for. Figure out how many days between dates. You are trying to go for as long as you can without an "oops". Keep track of your personal record and keep trying to break it.

The longer you do this the better you will get at it. When you slip, it is usually a lie about something that you later feel ridiculous for lying about. And fear is usually the cause for it.

It won't take people long to realize that you only tell the truth and then they will start to trust and respect you more.

Bible scriptures that say how important truth is

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