How to make a Quilt Hopper block

Quilt Hopper is a quick & easy strategy game played on a quilt top
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Watch Jo Anne make a cone Watch JoAnne make a puck

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The cone is the easiest piece to make, let that be your first piece.

JoAnne Young is going to show us how to make this plush Quilt Hopper piece
Jo Anne Young getting ready to make a Quilt Hopper piece

This is what we are making
The finished block

The block will be easier to make if you print the pattern bigger, but it won't fit on as many quilts.

Cut out the material (2 pieces per block). JoAnne uses a rotary cutter, but scissors work just fine.
laying the pattern for the block        cutting the pattern for the block

Snip out the corners as marked on the pattern to create tabs
preparing to snip out corners       snipping out the corners  

Now the material should look like the pattern. A block needs two identical pieces.
Material & pattern, side by side        Both pieces, laid out

To hide the seams, JoAnne is going to make the block inside out and then evert it to put the seams on the inside. Everting something is turning it inside-out or rightside-out.
Face the material good side to good side (always good to good). This way only the good side of the material will show when you evert the block.
Match the end tab of face A to the side tab of face E (end to middle), just like the picture.
Pin and sew. Notice that JoAnne is using a push stick: safety first at all times.
Pin end to middle        Sew it good to good       The first seam is sewn

Now JoAnne is matching the other side of the green to the other side of the red.
Match the end tab of face C to the other side tab of face E (end to middle again) like in the picture.
Pin & sew.
Pin the other side to make a tunnel        Sew it        It is sewn

Sew on face F to make the bottom, like the picture.
After you pin and sew all 3 seams, and you get a box with an open lid.
It will still be an inside-out box, but it won't be inside out much longer.
Pin the bottom on, all 3 seams        Sew all 3 seams        Now it looks like a box with an open lid

JoAnne closes the lid, but she only sews 2 seams.
She leaves one open for now so she can evert and stuff the block.
Pin and sew only 2 seams on the lid.
Pin only two seams, leave the last one open for now.        Sew only the two pinned seams        The last seam is still open

Now JoAnne everts the block (turns it rightside out).
She uses a stick to poke the corners out.
The block is now right-side out, the good side of the material is showing, and all the seams are hidden.
Turn it inside out        Poke the corners out

To finish up, JoAnne stuffs the block with batting.
Then she pins and sews the last seam.
Stuff it with batting        Pin and sew the last seam

This is what it looks like
The finished block

And now we are done
Jo Anne Young is done making a plush Quilt Hopper piece

The finished pieces, a complete set for a small game
2 cones, a block, and a puck

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