Dino Dudes (tm) & Dino Grab
Dino Dudes tm is a family game for 2-6 players
Dino Grab is a card game for 2-6 players

Velociraptor head

Cover art for Dino Dudes
Dino Dudes tm

Answers to Questions

Dino Grab
Dino Tome

Answers to Questions

Free games

Quilt Hopper

Make plush pieces and play this game on a quilt top


This game uses a 52-card deck.
It plays with 2-8 players and is one of the best 2-player card games.
Stomp became a fad game in the 1970s. It was my first success.

Full Contact Bible Trivia

This game was made for a church with some very rowdy kids

The game that Karin's grandfather made

A fun game if you have 10 dice and can add

Word Square

A fun little word game

The Lying Game

The opposite of liars dice

Covid Quarantine

A free print & play game.
Fast, fun, strategic, yet simple enough for anybody to play.

Download the rules      Download the board

Roaring Rockets

A role-playing game

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